Organizing Sports Gear And Medical Supplies

If a basketball coach and team members often travel to neighboring towns to compete, organizing gear and first aid supplies will prepare members for each event. A coach can purchase athletic training kits for their team and can provide a list of supplies that should be packed inside of each one. The following tips can be used when preparing for a meet that involves traveling to an unfamiliar town.

Label Bags And Affix Emergency Contact Information

A laminated label that contains a person’s name and address can be secured to a chain before attaching contact information to a bag’s handle. If emergency contact information is going to be provided, including the names of family members and their respective phone numbers, information can be placed inside of a plastic sleeve.

If a bag has interior pockets, contact information can be tucked inside of one of them. If a team member is injured during a sporting event and requires professional medical care, family can be notified by utilizing the contact information.

Pack Several Changes Of Clothing And Toiletries

Several changes of clothing should be packed in each bag. Uniforms, casual wear and formal attire may be needed during a trip. If team members are going to be practicing and competing against more than one team, they will have access to clean clothing and will not need to worry about washing clothes at a laundromat or laundry facility at a hotel.

Casual clothing can be worn during free time or while touring a town. If members will be required to attend formal dinners, they will have attire that will work well for an event. A portable iron can be packed in a sports bag so that wrinkled clothing can be pressed.

Place Medical Supplies In A Zippered Pouch

Medical supplies may be needed if an individual falls or strains a muscle while competing in a match. Gauze, scissors, ointment and ice packs are some basic supplies that each member can pack in a zippered pouch. If a team member is required to take medication, they can pack pills inside of a plastic container that is waterproof.

After each sporting event, team members should look through their bags and replace any items that may be needed for a future event. A checklist that is inside of a bag will help an individual organize their bag. As items are located, supplies that are listed can be marked off.